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The Magic of Colors
English eBook
Available for purchase on KOBO worldwide.
All about colors, vision, how colors affect our mood and health, and how using simple art and coloring can improve your brain and relieve your stress, supported by research. In addition to coloring techniques and some of my designs to practice


The Peacock Trap
Arabic eBook.
Available for purchase on
KOBO and Kindle worldwide
Everything you need to know about Narcissism: what it is, how you're manipulated, and how to protect yourself.
Follow my Youtube channel for the accompanying audio series in Arabic

Travel Tales
Arabic eBook.
Available for purchase on
KOBO and Kindle worldwide
50 stories from my travels around the world. From fun adventures to precious life lessons. From places as exotic as the Bahamas, Japan, The Swedish Royal Palace, The Japanese Imperial Court, and much much more...

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فخ الطاووس.jpg
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The Book of Joy 1&2
Best-selling coloring book for adults with 40 of my original designs in each volume, a compact 15x15cm of quality paper to color everywhere with any kind of colors.

I also teach stress management workshops for individuals and professionals using my books. More on CairoColoringClub

Global Doodle Gems
I co-authored this coloring book for adults with 6 of my culturally-themed designs among 10 international artists. I also wrote the Foreword for the series.

Sandcastles & Snowmen
A unique tale in search of spirituality from a Muslim, female, global citizen. Reviews and endorsements from prominent international figures on the book's website


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