" Sahar El-Nadi is a leading educator on Narcissism and Narcissistic Abuse in Arabic. Her Youtube channel is the leading source of info about Narcissism in Arabic "

-Dr. Sam Vaknin

I’m Sahar El-Nadi, public speaker, author of 6 books in English and Arabic, and the lead educator about Narcissism in Arabic.

I spoke at
Harvard, TED and the Swedish Royal Palace among many prestigious venues. Since 1990, I've addressed audiences in Europe, the US and the Middle East, in talks and workshops about communication and behavior, diversity and tolerance, women, relationships and Narcissism

I'm among the first Arab women on the internet, with award-winning projects. I was featured on the covers of international magazines and selected among top 20 women leaders for the world, University of Santa Clara women’s program.

On my
Youtube channel I broadcast weekly audio episodes on Narcissism to Arabic speakers around the world, in addition to hosting top international psychology experts in exclusive interviews. I also blog daily on 
Facebook in English & Arabic on self awareness, mental health and self improvement.


“It was an honor to talk to Sahar El-Nadi and help raise awareness about Narcissism. She has great content on narcissistic abuse in both Arabic and English. It is extremely important to raise awareness worldwide”
-Dr. Ramani